Couple Welcomes Twin Boys And Name Them After Their Two Sons Who Were Killed In Tragic Car Crash

A couple from North Carolina who lost both of their young sons two years ago in a car crash have just welcomed beautiful twin boys into the world. Charlotte news station WBTV reported that Hadley and Gentry Eddings’ twins Amos Reed and Isaiah Dobbs were born healthy and happy on Monday.

The twins’ middle names were given in honor of their big brothers who passed away after the tragic crash in May 2015.


Gentry and Hadley were 28 years old when they lost their two-year-old son Dobbs in the accident near Wilmington, North Carolina. At the time of the crash, Hadley was eight months pregnant. Doctors tried to deliver the baby during an emergency c-section, but the child named Reed, unfortunately, died two days later.

The driver who rear-ended the Edding’s vehicle, Matthew Blair Deans, was sentenced to between one and three years of prison time for involuntary manslaughter only ended up serving a year and three months. Detectives who investigated the scene said Blair was driving while distracted.


At Dean’s sentencing hearing, he apologized to the heartbroken couple for the pain he had caused them. The distraught couple responded in a public statement by forgiving Dean saying, “We hope to be holding hands with you in heaven with our children.”


In January the couple excitedly announced their pregnancy on Facebook in a post which read, “Y’all have held us up in prayer, and we are so grateful! Now we ask you to add two more Eddings to your prayers! We are expecting twins this summer!” Hadley shared the photo of her ultrasound with her followers on the Prayers for the Eddings Family page. The touching photo received thousands of likes.


The couple’s sixth anniversary was on the same night of the crash and have relied on God and prayer throughout their long healing process. In 2015, the Eddings said, “God has our boys in a place of peace, so I am in a place of peace. God has a plan. The situation is a frustrating one. We don’t want to be here. We don’t like it. This is not a fun situation. We’re mad at the loss. But we know God is good and has a plan, and we believe that.” Hadley continued, “I hate that this happened. I don’t like it at all. But I can trust God even when it’s really hard. I just trust it. I have to.”