Disturbing Details About OJ Simpson Exposed


Disturbing Details About OJ Simpson Exposed



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OJ Simpson has been in the public eye for decades. His professional football career earned him his claim to fame, but OJ’s scandals were what kept him in the spotlight. As a pro football player, Simpson garnered himself a huge fan following. He was known as The Juice, and in his early career fans just couldn’t get enough of him.

His football fame took a turn when OJ got caught up in a trial that would become famous to this very day. OJ had been accused of murdering his ex-wife and another man. After lengthy proceedings, however, OJ was acquitted and was a free man. His world, however, had changed forever. The negative publicity from the trial left OJ’s life in a free fall. Although OJ was found not guilty, many believed that he had in fact committed the crime.

After many years as a free man, OJ found himself in a court room once again. This time, however, OJ wasn’t as lucky. He was sentenced to prison for robbery, and today OJ is still serving time behind bars. Although a prisoner, OJ’s life and story have become infamous. There have been TV mini-series, articles and books all dedicated to uncovering the truth behind OJ’s life and story.

Sadly, some of the people most deeply affected by all of the negative publicity were OJ Simpson’s children. At a very young age, the kids lost their mother and to make matters worse, they were thrust into the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. Now grown ups, OJ’s kids rarely speak out about their father. However, their lives remain somewhat of an open book with their father still in the public eye. This is the story of OJ Simpson and the secrets that most fans still don’t know.