Tragic Family Gets News That Changes Their Lives Forever


Tragic Family Gets News That Changes Their Lives Forever



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The Coble family suffered one of the most terrible experiences a family could possibly have. The family never thought that they would be completely reassessing their lives after a moment of absolute tragedy threatened to not only tear them apart but destroy each of them on an individual level. They were just a happy family who enjoyed the small things in life, like going to the park or enjoying a quiet Sunday together, playing games. Chris and Lori had three beautiful kids by the names of Kyle, Emma and Katie. But on one fateful day, when the proud mother took her three angels out for a trip to the mall, their entire lives would turn upside down.

Each child brought their own unique quality to the Cobles’ family dynamic. Their first born, Kyle, had just enjoyed his fifth birthday the day before their trip to the mall. According to his parents, he was an extremely outgoing child and also put others before himself. They also agreed that Kyle had an incredible way of looking at the world. Their second child, Emma, on the other hand, was slightly quieter than Kyle. She had an understated way of going about things. But she certainly made a heartwarming contribution to her family and social life. As far as her parents were concerned, Emma was extremely brave and was up for trying anything, even roller coasters.

And how can we forget Katie, the baby of the family? Despite only being two years old, she was often the life and soul of the party and was mature beyond her young years. But despite the tragic events that are about to unfold, the Cobles were able to move on from their heartache and experience something miraculous together. Follow us as we uncover this heartbreaking story that gets completely turned on its head.