6-Year-Old Girl Receives Bravery Award After Saving Mother’s Life


When a six-year-old girl watched her mother collapse, she knew exactly what she needed to do. As a result, she saved her life and received an award of bravery for her efforts.

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Lilly-Mae calmly called the emergency line after her mother Portia David fell to the ground. Doctors revealed that she had suffered an epileptic fit. Teachers presented the Laverick Award to the brave girl at her school assembly, in light of her moment of heroism and composure.

The little girl was delighted to receive the award and her mother is very proud and extremely grateful that her daughter knew what to do. “I’ve woke my mum up, but she’s not waking up,” Lilly-Made told the emergency line. “Her head span around and she fell on the wooden floor.”

Andrew Garven, who received the phone call on behalf of the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), responded by saying, “What I need you to do is stay on the phone for me. It’s really important, okay?”

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Garven said that Lilly-Mae had bravery “beyond her years”. However, the reason that the six-year-old handled the situation so well was that her mother prepared her for such an event to transpire.

Two weeks before the fateful moment, Portia suffered a staggering seven epileptic episodes in just under an hour. She nearly died.

“I was really worried after this and kept repeating to Lilly that ‘if you can’t wake me ring [the emergency number]’,” she said. “I never thought it had sunk in. The courage she had to leave me, get my phone and call for help, calmly… I’m speechless.”

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Apparently, Lilly-Mae is the first child in her region to ever receive an award from EMAS. On their Facebook page, EMAS wrote, “The Laverick Award is very special, it is in memory of a brave, loyal and caring paramedic who lost his battle with cancer.”

The message also stated that “his colleagues designed the award to commend children and young adults who have demonstrated bravery and selflessness.”