Lesbian Couple Becomes Pregnant Thanks to Friends – A Gay Donor Couple

Same-sex couple Mariely and Carla decided to take the next step in their relationship after tying the knot.

Mariely Martinez, 34, and wife Carla Melendez, 32, were set on expanding their family and bringing kids into the words but were not keen on going through with a procedure that felt impersonal.

That is when they came up with the concept of having their friends, another same-sex couple, as their donors.


Unlike most people who choose sperm donation as a form of impregnation, Carla and Mariely wanted their chosen male donor to be a part of their babies’ lives.

As Carla told ABC News, “We knew at that at some point the babies were going to ask us, ‘Who’s my dad? What does he look like?’ With a sperm bank, you don’t have that.”

Weighing other options, Mariely and Carla considered someone they knew to help them move forward with their plans.

Once giving up on online donors, they contacted old pals Juny Roman, 33, and Alex Torres, 30. The two are also a same-sex couple were got hitched, who the girls met 10 years prior to the whole process.


The women approached the men with their request, although they initially intended on only asking Alex to father both babies – since they knew him for a longer amount of time, it made sense.

However, after spending time with Juny, the female duo changed their mind: “Mariely knew she wanted him to be a dad. She loved his personality, everything about him,” Carla commented.

Come July 23, Mariely gave birth to a baby boy who goes by the name of Matteo. A month later, on August 22, Carla welcomed daughter Marla into their lives. Juny fathered Matteo, while Alex is Marla’s father.


“For my kids, they are going to have a lot of love,” Juny explained excitedly to ABC News. “We want to tell the world it’s OK. If you want to have a family, you can have it. I always had this feeling I was going to be a dad.”

“I was at a point in my life where I said, ‘There’s no opportunity,'” Roman added. “[Melendez and Martinez] have given us the opportunity to be part of this journey. We are a new, modern family.”


Dr. Pedro Cruz-Torres, the obstetrician who delivered both babies, was proud of his contribution and felt confident about this newly grown family.

“Both of them did very well,” said Cruz-Torres to ABC News. “It was very unique to have all the parties involved.”

The doctor added that having two patients who were married and pregnant at the same time was also a unique situation for him: “It was very amazing to see the different stages of their pregnancies,” he added.

The terms of how involved the fathers are going to be in their children’s lives were established before the artificial insemination, and it was decided that while the mothers will have full custody of the children and will be raising them as they see fit, the fathers will be involved and their presence will forever be welcomed by Torres and Roman.