Mom Given Kidney By Woman She Has Never Met


When a Massachusetts mother of three was looking for a kidney donor, she never expected to find one in the form of a stranger. Kara Yimoyines was diagnosed with lupus when she was 16-years-old, a disease that attacked her kidneys and caused her health to significantly deteriorate.

The problem was debilitating and she said “At 34 or 35, my kidneys function dropped significantly to 30 percent, that’s when we started looking for a donor.” However, the search for a donor was much harder than expected.


The first port of call to find a match was going through her family and friends but unfortunately, none of them tested positive, leading Yimoyines starting to worry. As a mother of three she couldn’t fathom her 11-year-old, Hudson and two 9-year-olds Vivian and Beckett, having to go through life without a mother, so they extended the search for a donor.


With the help of family and friends, Yimoyines set up a Facebook page entitled “A Kidney For Kara” in the hope that someone would come forward to help her. The Facebook page went viral, racking up thousands of shares and catching the attention of local news who decided to run a story on the ailing mother.

It was then that Nicole Baltzer read her story and reached out. Baltzer said “I [thought], she’s a mom like me, living in the same town, I have one [child] and I can barely keep up, she has 3. I was thinking, ‘God, this is a nasty disease chipping away at her energy,’ but knowing there could be some time of solution lying within myself, there was some hope in there. Come to find out I had the same blood type as her and so, I took action.” Baltzer spoke about the procedure with her husband who was fully accepting so the surgery went ahead.


The transplant took place at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, and Baltzer and Yimoyines didn’t meet until the day after surgery. The emotional meeting was appreciated by both mothers and Kara had even created a card for her special kidney donor. Following the successful transplant, the two have found they have a special bond as friends and not just as sharers of kidneys.

Yimoyines finished by adding “Both Nicole and her husband Jim are both so lovely, they’re both so caring and obviously their daughter has picked that up from them. It takes an incredibly unique and compassionate person who would do something like this.”