You Before Me: Mom’s Bittersweet Sacrifice For Unborn Baby


You would do anything for your kids. But, thirty-seven-year-old mother of five Carrie Deklyen takes the saying, “give until it hurts,” to a whole new level.

The story starts with some curious pain in her head. Carrie and her husband Nick were concerned when she started having headaches. One day, the headaches were so bad, that Carrie woke up vomiting, so she headed to the emergency room.

In a sad turn of events, the ER doctors discovered she had a brain tumor and an especially vigorous kind: glioblastoma multiforme.

Not too long after this shattering diagnosis, Carrie discovered she was pregnant.


Carrie is now five and a half months pregnant. The doctors and the whole Deklyen family is doing everything they can to save both Carrie and the unborn baby. She has undergone surgery after surgery, where the doctors removed the tumor not once, but twice, but unfortunately, it kept growing back.

The doctors said she had one last option to beat the cancer: a clinical trial of a last-resort experimental treatment at the University Of Michigan. The one terrible catch was that she would have to terminate her pregnancy to be part of the trial.

Nick wanted to keep the baby, but left it up to Carrie to make the final decision, as “it was her life we were talking about.” Carrie made the selfless, brave decision to keep the baby.

Her health is declining dramatically. She had more headaches, and so she went back to the emergency room, where it was revealed she’d sustained a stroke. Now, she is in a coma of sorts, where she can sometimes contract her fingers or open her eyes, so maybe she will come back to consciousness.

The family and the doctors are focused on keeping her alive so the baby will have a fighting chance to survive.

All we can do now is hold on and pray, and donate to the family through their Go Fund Me campaign.

The family has already decided on the name of the baby: Life.