That One Lie 52% of Americans Tell Their Families Every Holiday


Sometimes a little lie is not the worst thing in the world, and it seems that over half of American adults like to give the same lie every holiday.

This lie comes for the benefit of a good nights sleep and avoiding those awkward sleeping arrangements you have to deal with over the upcoming holiday season.


According to INTEX, an inflatable air mattress company, 52 percent of U.S. adults have made up excuses over the holidays “specifically to avoid uncomfortable sleeping arrangements” at their relatives homes.

With many families traveling across the country to be with each other over the festive period, many cannot always accommodate their visitors and provide a comfortable bed.

81 percent of respondents said that they had previously been accommodated with subpar bedding options, and 62 percent admitted they have to spend the night on the couch.

It is hard to believe that you would sacrifice your sleeping privileges during a time when the whole family is together, and things can get pretty stressful.


Some family members dread this time of the year knowing they have to spend a long period with their whole family under the same roof, where things get stressful, and people are bound to have a little disagreement here and there.

Whether things get heated and heavy over a discussion about politics, jobs, or even the weather, there is always something that is bound to cause a little tension and somewhere to cool off would seem like the perfect option.


A sleepless night is bound to not have any advantage for anyone at the gathering, and it is perhaps worth booking a hotel room before saying yes to a free stay elsewhere since it will work in your benefit, as well as everyone around the dinner table.

Just a little food for thought with the holidays fast approaching.