Archeologists Found Evidence Santa Is Real


Archeologists Found Evidence Santa Is Real



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Santa Claus is all known to us as a jolly, bearded, older, chubby man, who comes into our homes through the chimney, and gives presents to nice children and coal to naughty children. Where did this conception of Santa Claus come from? The character we know today in the red jumpsuit with an appetite for cookies and milk comes from Saint Nicholas, a Greek Bishop born in the year 270. He was known to have performed incredible miracles that leave no doubt that his sainthood is justified. An unfortunate tragedy early in his life put him in a position to be generous, like his gift-giving counterpart today.

Recently, an incredible discovery has been made in the town in modern-day Turkey (then the Roman Empire), which totally throws into question everything we thought we knew about Santa Claus. The discovery was only made in 2017, as the technology simply was not available beforehand to see what they found. The governments of Turkey and Italy have been involved in a dispute that has been ongoing for almost ten years that might be solved by this discovery. The archaeologists think that the economy of Turkey can be vastly changed due to this discovery. Interestingly, the bones of Saint Nicholas exude an incredible substance, that will make you want to make a pilgrimage.

Christmas is different all around the world, and this article traces some of the origins of how we as a culture got from Greek miracle worker to Sinterklaas, La Befana, Krampus, and Tió de Nadal. Everything you thought you knew about Christmas is about to change. The history has been thrown into question, and you can decide for yourself, based on what Turkish archeologists found, what the true manifestation of Christmas is. Curl up with a hot cocoa by the fire, and take a look!