Man From New Jersey Pays $10K On Layaway Orders At Toys’R’Us

The most magical time of the year is fast approaching, and this year there is a Secret Santa in town to make sure kids’ Christmas wishes are fulfilled.

After a nice early morning shop with his son, Charlie K, from New Jersey, was inspired to do something for his community over the holidays. Having felt that his community had given him so much, Charlie saw this as the perfect time to show his appreciation.

Charlie decided to head to Cherry Hill’s Toys’R’Us and made people’s Christmas dreams come true by paying for their items on layaway.

He said, “I’m trying to bring some happiness to people, to the community that brought happiness to me and my family,” said Charlie. “I love this community and I am trying to provide back to it.”


Charlie spent an impressive $10,780 over 62 orders, which was sure to make a lot of people very happy this season. He had intended on paying for all layaway orders, but the sum exceeded more than Charlie could afford to pay.

That doesn’t mean he started and ended his good deed after the 62 orders. While in the shop, he told everyone who was also shopping at the time to choose three items for him to purchase for Toys for Tots. “The Marines and Toys for Tots are one of the best organizations, and I don’t want to forget them,” he said.


When word got out of Charlie’s good deed, one hopeful local rushed to the store only to find out she was one of the lucky recipients of Charlie’s act.

Stephanie Dawson had gifts on layaway for her family, and was able to leave the store with seven presents for her grandchildren, which amounted to a total worth of $200.

In response, Dawson said, “I want to say thank you very much and I appreciate it and thank god for you.”

Others turned up to the store to pay for their goods only to be surprised on finding out that their gifts had already been paid for. Customer, Jessica Jey, visited the store with the intent to pay full price for a big box of toys set aside for her kids.

“They come over and tell me someone actually paid the layaway. It’s definitely an early Christmas and I want to say thank you to the gentleman that came in and donated it’s like the best feeling thank you.”