Sisters Celebrate In Style After Giving Birth At The Same Time


Two sisters amazingly gave birth to “twins cousins.” In other words, they delivered babies at the same time. But shortly after, they celebrated together in the most beautiful of ways. But this wasn’t the first time they had so much fun together.

sisters 1

On August 10, 2016, sisters Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan both gave birth to their respective daughters and there were only 15 minutes separating the two deliveries. But this wasn’t the first time that either sister had given birth. Ryatt Rae was Talbott’s second child while Indie Mae was Morgan’s third.

In a fantastic idea, the sisters dressed up in blue and had maternity photos taken. Then, on both children’s first birthdays, the mothers returned to where they had the photoshoot and re-enacted the same shot.

But this time, both ladies proudly held their babies in their arms. “We even had our flower crowns remade,” Talbott said. “It was so neat.” The genius behind the idea was So Cute Photos’ Brendon Boggs. He also took both photo shoots.

sisters 2

Talbot was a firm believer that she wanted to do something fun and creative with her sister. “We knew we wanted to do something creative for the babies’ birthday,” she said. When speaking with Boggs, he said, “Why don’t we recreate the maternity shoot?” Needless to say, the sisters loved the idea.

Amazingly, Ryatt and Indie have their own Instagram account. And according to Talbott, they are already growing a huge fan base. “Indie took her first two steps yesterday and I’m sure Ryatt will be shortly after,” she said. “They are so close just like real twins. It’s so magical to see their bond.”

Despite being close already, Morgan and Talbott believe that becoming mothers has made them even closer than previously. “It is so special to be moms together and share these experiences hand in hand,” Talbott said.