Scientists Confused By Skeleton Found With Alien Head


Scientists Confused By Skeleton Found With Alien Head



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In the area of Crimea, which has been recently disputed between Russia and Ukraine, there has been a chance discovery made by a team of archaeologists. There was a skeleton found that is so remarkable that people could not explain where it might have come from. It was to the point where reputable Russian news agencies broadcast one opinion that the skeleton might be of extraterrestrial origin. The skull shape is what tipped off UFO enthusiasts that the skeleton might be alien. The confusion was only quelled by a Russian scholar who had a surprising theory as to why the skull shape was the way it was.

The man behind the explanation was Nikolay Sudarev, from the Archaeology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Specifically, he is a part of the Department of Classical Archaeology, and has published at least 48 studies on Archaeology. Sudarev’s expertise in the field truly gives him the ethos needed to make a call on what this skeleton means for us as humans, and what it means in regards to life on other planets. The explanation he gives is logical, yet still somehow very shocking.

The shape of the head, it turns out, symbolizes something. It is almost like a social status symbol of today, but not really, as we do not see such head shapes these days. The skeleton found in the Crimean dirt is similar to some found in Mesoamerica and Pacific Islands, which perhaps gives credence to the alien theory. Many weigh in on what they believe, and we dig into the history of different finds like this to make sense of it all. Overall, this find is exciting for everyone, and not only teaches us about our deep history as humans, but also shines a light on the practices of our society that we take for granted.