Heartwarming Moments of Soldiers Reunited With Their Families


Heartwarming Moments of Soldiers Reunited With Their Families



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They risk their lives on a daily basis to make sure we sleep safe and sound, and as we go about own usual routine, they step up to the plate and volunteer to put their lives on the line. They are our neighbors, our friends, siblings, and our parents – they are all of us. When we hear of a dangerous operation taking place or are notified of yet another loss, we feel the pain as if it is our own.

Indeed, the men and women that serve this great nation enable it to remain exactly that. They serve and protect to keep the United States of America the home of the free – and it is all thanks to the brave. We commemorate their contribution in a variety of different ways like celebrating Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, but still, it never quite feels enough.

In addition to being forever grateful for their service, we find ourselves at a loss when they are away on deployment. An endless river of pain flows within the nation with one single prayer carried in our hearts – keep our soldiers safe, and bring our troops home. Songs have been written about those who protect our land and principles, movies were filmed, and books were written – but some things cannot be described, such as the overflowing sense of emotion that takes over us body and soul the moment we are reunited with the ones we love.

Thankfully, these picture perfect moments were captured at different places all around the country, in order to try and understand how both sides feel the minute the troops return home. We have gathered some of the most touching moments of our soldiers finally reuniting with their families. We recommend grabbing a box of tissues prior to looking through these, as these pictures and stories are bound to make you shed a tear.