Sick Veteran Gave His Dogs To The Pound, Then Staff Gave Him The Painful News


Sick Veteran Gave His Dogs To The Pound, Then Staff Gave Him The Painful News



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James Pack is a Vietnam war veteran living in Delaware with only his two dogs for company. He adopted each of them, both Labrador Pitbull mixes, when they were only eight weeks old, though from different litters. When Blaze was almost three years old, and Bailey was almost two, Pack fell on some hard times. He was suffering from some heart troubles that caused him to be unable to continue working as a truck driver, as it would be dangerous if he were to have any complications while on the road. Additionally, he needed to find a new place to live, but many of the homes he looked at didn’t allow dogs.

While Pack was on the hunt for a new apartment one day, he pulled into a parking lot, both of his babies sitting happily in the back seat, as he started to feel a little funny. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a strange hospital, with his sister by his side. He was unable to speak, but she told him what had happened. Pack had suffered a massive heart attack and had undergone emergency surgery. Unfortunately, his sister now any of his remaining family were able to take in his dogs, and they had to be picked up by animal control. Pack’s recovery though, would not go as planned when he contracted a serious infection that kept him hospitalized for even longer.

The staff at the First State Animal Center and SPCA had heard the story of the dogs they picked up in the parking lot that September day and felt for the ailing veteran. Usually they only kept animals for five days tops, but for Pack, they kept his babies for a full 20 days. As they continued to track Pack’s progress, it became increasingly uncertain whether or not Pack would recover and be able to take his dogs home, so the staff at the shelter were forced to put Pack’s dogs up for adoption. The moment Pack was released from the hospital, the only thought on his mind was his lost dogs. As he renewed his search for a new home, his sister urged him to call the SPCA to see if they had any information about his dogs. As luck would have it, Pack was in for an enormous surprise.