Viral Video Helps Mom Receive Kidney Transplant

From the moment they are born through adolescence, children depend on their mothers. As mothers get older, their children take care of them. One Pennsylvania family saw their kids taking care of their mother years before anyone could have ever expected thanks to a viral video.


The Zippay family never expected their children to grow up so fast. Diana Zippay, a mother of two from Monongahela, Pennsylvania, would rather her kids stayed young but has them to thank for her life. Zippay desperately needed a kidney transplant, and her eight-year-old Bailey and five-year-old Tobias helped her get the donor she needed. They put together a viral video that saved their mother’s life.

Bailey and Tobias came up with the idea on their own. They held up signs describing the situation, asking viewers to donate to their mother. Bailey told, “We wanted her to get the kidney. It makes me feel good. We thought, ‘Wow, mommy’s going to get her kidney.'”


Diana has a genetic condition called Alport syndrome. It causes the Kidneys to deteriorate over time. The condition has also caused her to become deaf, and she relies on hearing aids.

One of Diana’s friends, Melissa Deighan, saw the video and sprung into action. She was not a match but “couldn’t imagine those kids living the rest of their life without their mom. It just didn’t seem fair.” Deighan reached out to the National Kidney Foundation and set up a paired chain. Melissa was to donate to someone she could match with so Diana could receive a match of her own.

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Diana told reporters, “Not only did Melissa save my life, but she saved the lives of all the other people in the chain as well by agreeing to do this. It kind of creates this beautiful spider web of life. You see organs moving to directions of the weaker side of the web… and you’re bringing them all back to life, essentially.”

The video has 37,000 views and over 1,200 shares.