William And Harry Remember Their Final Phone Call With Princess Diana


When 15-year-old Prince William and 12-year-old Prince Harry were told they had a phone call, the last thing they wanted to do was speak with their mother, Princess Diana.

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The boys were very young and simply wanted to carry on playing games with their cousins. Diana was calling to check on her boys, as she was in France on vacation at the time.

But the short phone call haunts the Princes to this very day. This is because it would be the last time they spoke to their mother, who passed away that evening in a car crash.

“Harry and I were in a desperate rush to say goodbye, you know ‘see you later,'” William said. “If I’d known now obviously what was going to happen I wouldn’t have been so blasé about it and everything else. But that phone call sticks in my mind, quite heavily.”

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In a new documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, William and Harry lamented about not being able to have another conversation with their mother after dying on that fateful evening in Paris.

“Looking back on it now, it’s incredibly hard. I’ll have to sort of deal with that for the rest of my life,” Harry said. “Not knowing that was the last time I was going to speak to my mum. How differently that conversation would have panned out if I’d had even the slightest inkling her life was going to be taken that night.”

The documentary aired a month prior to the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, which was considered to be one of the most tragic events in recent memory. The film aims to help celebrate Diana’s life and the many great causes she worked in aid of.

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While promoting the documentary, the sons posted photos never seen before of them with their late mother. They were taken from their own personal photo album.