Woman Gives Birth In An Uber On The Way To Hospital

Niv and Erica Davidovich welcomed their baby into the world in the most unusual way as Erica unexpectedly gave birth in an Uber. The couple from California were bringing in Shabbat, lighting candles and saying prayers as Erica began experiencing strong contractions. After realizing it was about that time and their baby was on it’s way, the Davidovich’s had a moral dilemma as observant Jews, they were not able to drive on shabbat.

uber baby- car

However, in extreme circumstances mainly surrounding the well being of a Jew, they are permitted to break Shabbat in order to preserve life. As a result, Niv decided to call an Uber to take them to the hospital so that he could stay in the back seat with his expecting wife and not have to drive a car himself.

Niv recalled the moment they got into the Uber, stating “We got a minute out onto the road and by that point, she said, ‘Call 911. I think the baby is coming right now,’ we got one block and she said, ‘My water broke.'” When everyone in the car became aware of what was about to unfold, Niv added “The driver was doing everything he could. He was running red lights, basically trying to get there as quick as possible.”

uber baby- hospital

At this point, Niv dialed 911 and the driver, Raymond Telles, remained on the phone with the police dispatcher to pass on information to the new parents while they focused on breathing techniques. However, they were not able to make it to the hospital in time and Erica ended up giving birth to a baby boy in front of a grocery store on West Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.

Niv recalled that “The driver happened to have a big old white towel sitting there, I grabbed the towel and covered the baby. He was still on the phone with 911 getting paramedics to come. He pretty much spoke to 911 the whole time. He was amazing.”

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Soon after, the newly born baby and his parents were transported to the Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, where medical care was given to mother and baby. In regards to the baby’s name, Niv joked “Everyone is telling us to name the baby Uber, but we can’t do that — as much fun as it would be.”