Woman Who Was Told IVF Was ‘Pointless’ Set To Have Four Babies Naturally


When doctors advised Charlotte Parker that her egg count was so low that IVF wouldn’t work for her, she was devastated. When Charlotte and her husband Billy were trying for a baby with no luck, they began looking into other options to help her fall pregnant.

After being told IVF wouldn’t work, they started the search for an egg donor but were shocked to find out that they were expecting their first child.

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Speaking of their intent to have a big family, she said “We bought our house three years ago intending for it to be a family home. I had gone to the doctor as I was having abdominal pain and had a blood test. It was then that I was told I had a low egg count. I decided to get further advice and we had investigatory tests privately.”

After seeking doctors advice, she recalled, “The consultant said to me ‘you have an extremely low egg count, it’s so low that IVF wouldn’t work. You need to look for an egg donor.”

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She later described the moment they found out she was pregnant, explaining that they were due at the fertility clinic a week later and Charlotte felt like something wasn’t right. When she looked through the dates, she realized that she had missed her period and after much convincing of her husband, she decided to take a pregnancy test.

Of her surprise, she said “I was shocked, we all were. I just kept thinking: “how can so many experts tell me what they did and within two months, I’m pregnant”. I didn’t think it was possible.” The couple were in such disbelief that they went out and bought a number of pregnancy tests just to be sure, Charlotte asserted,”I ended up doing about six and every single one came back positive.”

Despite conceiving naturally, the only assistance Charlotte admitting to having was a $6 pregnancy supplement which may have aided the bundles of joys that followed in her life. After delivering her first child in September, the couple decided to try and see if they could have anymore children so Charlotte went back on the supplements.

Just three months later the first time parents were shocked to find out that they had conceived once more. However, this time it was not just one child they were expecting, it was triplets. Due to the arrival of their triplets, the couple were set to have four children within the space of 11 months.

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Due to feeling more sickness and tiredness than she did with her first child, Charlotte had a motherly instinct that she was going to have twins but after her scan, they were told there were three sacs in her womb. She described “It is daunting but very, very exciting. We feel incredibly lucky.”

Charlotte went on talking about the prospect of expecting triplets with just two months to go saying,”It’s nice that we have had a positive outcome. We’re enjoying life as a family of three at the moment but we can’t wait to meet the triplets and become a family of six.”