12-Year-Old Boy Has Promising Basketball Talent Despite Disability


Ezra Frech loves sports as much as any other average boy his age, but one major limitation sets him apart – Ezra was born with congenital limb difference.


“I was born with one finger on my left hand and a lower left leg that was curved in,” Ezra explained painfully. “I had surgery when I was two-and-a-half years old and the doctors removed the curved part of my left leg and they transplanted the big toe and put it onto my left hand.”


As if missing several fingers on his left hand was not enough, poor Ezra had to have his left leg amputated. But instead of drowning in self-pity and hate, he decided he was going to lead a life worth living.

“We’re all different and we all have challenges,” Ezra said, as though he already accepted his harsh reality. “And what makes us stronger is getting around those challenges, pushing through the challenges, hopping over the obstacles.”


Showing great maturity, Ezra is not your typical teen. Most kids his age run track, play a variety of sports and have utterly no regard for being physically limited. But this boy has more than a passion for sports – he has a passion for life.


Ezra was lucky enough to gain recognition worldwide, as understandably many found his personal story inspiring. To pass his message along, Ezra travels around the world and tells his tale of how he keeps going even when times get tough. At one point, Ezra was granted the opportunity to speak in front of the basketball team he admires the most – The Golden State Warriors.

“It was so amazing,” Ezra says. “Usually, I don’t get nervous before speeches but oh man, I was really nervous before that one!”

The team was so incredibly moved by Ezra’s words, they decided they would make his dream come true – and let him shoot some hoops with them.


This just goes to show that life is full of unexpected turns and bumps along the way – the best you can do is accept it as it is and enjoy the ride.