4 Reasons Why Your Child Is Crying


It is normal for any child to cry, it is his way of expressing his emotions.  As such, parents need to identify the root cause of his crying so that you can address the problem in the best way possible.

When a child gets busy with play, you won’t realize he is hunger-stricken unless he suddenly bursts some tears.  It’s better to offer him snacks in between playing to ease his hunger. This can also be the case when they wake up crying from their nap.

Believe it or not, kids get stressed out.  This is especially true for older children.  Life-changing events like a change of school, fire in a nearby place and witnessing their parents’ fights are a burden on their young minds making them emotional.  That’s why it’s crucial to create a relaxing and positive environment for a healthy mental state of your children.

One of the common reasons why children cry is due to excessive tiredness that they feel.  School and play, although advantageous in many ways can contribute to their meltdowns because when all is done, all they want is a good rest and sleep.  Let them get consistent naps on a daily basis to help them regain their energy.

When your daughter is playing happily with her dolls and suddenly turns into a crying baby, it’s probably because she needs your attention.  Kids inevitably throw tantrums no matter the time and place. When this happens, avoid eye contact and don’t initiate a conversation. This way, she’ll realize that getting your attention should not be done through sobbing or screaming.  Instead, gentle and kind words should be encouraged when they want attention. Don’t miss giving your quality time to your child so that she feels protected and secured.

toddler crying on staircase