4 Traits You Should Encourage your Daughter to Look for in a Boyfriend


When it comes to teen love, most teenage girls aren’t choosy when it comes to aspects beyond looks. The teenage years are ones spotted with mistakes. Often a teen will get into a passionate relationship and try to keep it going way beyond its expiration date. Mothers, it is your duty to advise your daughter and what kind of traits she should be looking for in a man. A few bad moves and she can find herself on an emotional roller coaster.


A woman should find a man who respects her. He should watch over your emotions and feeling and not manipulate them. Without respect in a relationship, things are doomed from the beginning. Respect isn’t something that too many teens are familiar with. They know how to put on an act, but when it comes to really respecting and treasuring something, they are often in the dark.


When you first meet someone you’ll likely feel crazy about them and think about them all day and night. The beginning of the relationship will no doubt feel exciting, but there will be a come down. Make sure that they often expression their love through their actions and words. Even when things are at a standstill, you should know that you are loved.

Hard Working

Most of the “cool” guys in high school are the slackers. The guys smoking cigarettes behind the building and ditching halfway through the day. You should tell your daughter that these guy will end up being nothing but trouble. Guide her toward the guy who works hard everyday. Someone with a good work ethic is bound to put more into a relationship. If someone is ditching school and failing, chances are they aren’t going to be the best boyfriends.


In a relationship responsibility is a must. Most relationships are meant to bloom. This blooming comes with more responsibilities and closer bond with your partner. If your teenage daughter has a irresponsible boyfriend, chances are she’ll be left in the dust on a number of occasions. It’s important that she find someone who is responsible for his actions.

Daughter trying to reason with aloof mother