5 Important Things to Know About Newborns


You’ll be amazed by the surprising, beautiful things brought by your new baby.

Newborns look funny.
Reality check: Newborns aren’t born looking like those chubby, rosy-faced little angels that you’ve seen in magazines. Newborns look a bit weird due to the birthing process, especially if you have a vaginal delivery. Vaginal birth can make your newborn’s head can look a little cone-shaped because of the journey through the birth canal. More so, a baby’s skin looks scaly and wrinkled, and eyes are not wide open. Your baby’s body will also have lanugo, a thin downy hair that protects them during the fifth month of pregnancy.

Newborns have soft spots.
Fontanelles, also known as soft spots can be felt when you gently run your fingers on your baby’s head. Don’t freak out on touching it as it’s totally normal for newborns and it’s protected by a layer of tissue. Soft spots are usually evident on top and the back of the head.

Newborns poop and pee a lot.
Newborns are literally and figuratively tiny, but their abilities to poop, pee, and spit are just amazing. You’ll be surprised at the massive amount of waste they produce in the first weeks. Stock up with diapers as you have to change their soiled diapers at least 6 to 8 times a day. You also need to change their clothes when they spit and vomit (and yours, too!).

Newborns sleep and wake up a lot.
The first few weeks after giving birth, you’ll notice that your newborn wake up a lot just as he sleeps a lot. When he is awake, it’s because he needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours. Also, expect the odd pattern of his sleep time as there are weeks that he’s soundly asleep during the day and fully awake by night. In short, you’ll have sleepless nights so better catch some z’s when he does to have enough rest and energy when he wakes up.

Newborns don’t need daily baths.
You’ll love the “newborn smell” that you couldn’t get enough of sniffing your little bundle of joy. That smell will last for a couple of months, and it’s because your baby isn’t loaded with so many activities apart from sleeping and feeding. It is okay that you don’t give him a proper bath until the stump from his umbilical cord drops out. A sponge bath will do in gently wiping his face, arms, feet, and the bum area.

mom kissing newborn on the hean