5 Important Things You Should Teach Your Kids


Children, as naive and innocent as they are, need utmost guidance in the best ways possible. While schools can teach them arts, play, and other recreational activities, no one can impart the innate wisdom and values that parents can give them. Here are the relevant things in life that you should start teaching to your kids while they are still young.

While children are naturally caring and loving, it is best to reciprocate their affection. Spread the love and positivity in your home by saying “I love you” to your kids as often as possible. You’ll be amazed that you will hear more “I love you’s” from them matched with dozens of kisses and cuddles. Aside from showering them with loving gestures, let them be a witness in showing your love for the special people in your life. Talk to them about how you appreciate and miss their grandparents and cousins or kiss and hug your husband whenever they’re around. This way, your kids will show more love and respect to them.

Teach your kids the importance of trusting themselves and trusting others. Sometimes they tend to be scared of doing things on their own because they’re afraid of committing mistakes and getting frustrated. Being the parents that they look up to, support their passion and encourage their dreams whether big or small. As such, you are helping them stand up for what they believe hence their self-esteem will blossom.

Children easily get excited and happy with life’s simple pleasures. Your role as a parent is to teach them the value of gratitude. Being thankful for small and big things make them appreciate life and the people around them. When children start to complain they need to be guided by a positive attitude. When they are not satisfied with the gifts that they receive during Christmas season, tell them to be grateful for their blessings, and they are fortunate with their lot in life.

How do you train a kid, to tell the truth? Simple, be an honest person. Note that whatever you do and whatever you say, the kids can easily imitate. Telling them “Don’t tell Daddy that Mommy bought you ice cream earlier.” is another way of telling them that it’s okay to lie. It is important that you demonstrate consistency when you encourage truthfulness to your children. This will result in a better communication and healthy relationships not just inside the home but when they interact with other children.

It’s OK to make mistakes
Nobody is perfect, and it’s really okay to make mistakes. Our failures sharpen us to be stronger and wiser and make us a better person. Remind your children that life is not easy and they will get hurt and disappointed with life’s errors. Talk to them about the wrongdoings that you had in the past and the insights that you gained. This will help them accept the realities of life that are totally normal.

kid being kissed by his parents