5 Tips for a Single Mother


Out of every four kids in America, one is coming out of a single parent home. Although it isn’t a walk in the park being a single mother and being a child from a broken home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Life for a single mother is not easy, but it is possible. That first year can be extremely hard and you might feel like giving up, but you have to stay strong and you have to begin to do things very differently. Here are some very important tips.

Still Discipline Your Children

Divorce can really change the dynamic of a household. When my parents divorce it became a free for all. My mom stopped disciplining us and began letting us practically run the house. This wasn’t good for any of us in the long run. You need to stay strong and despite feeling like your world is falling apart, you need to keep and handle on this and be the leader your children really need.

Make Sure That Your Finances are in Order

When my parents divorce my mom has to start working again after ten years of being supported by my father. The first year was extremely hard and she didn’t exactly know where to start from. If you find yourself in this situation, immediately start looking for work. You don’t want to end up poor and see yourself in a low income neighborhood.

Remember to Treat Yours Kids like Kids

A lot of single mothers will feel defeated and depressed after a marriage has failed. This will leave a bulk of them seeking comfort in their children. They will tell their kids about their hardships, what their feeling and how they feel depressed. A child cannot process this and this will usually lead to a weird relationship.

Honestly Answer Questions

When a home is split in two, kids will often have quite a few questions. It is your job to give them the honest truth. Not a one sided truth, but an honest one. Try to see things not only from your perspective but from your former husbands perspective. Give your child the full outlook. You don’t have to go around and slander the man who is likely your child’s hero.

Alone Time

Make sure you have some alone time. Sometime to read a good book, relax in a bath and gather your thoughts. This is very important.

single mother with children