Brother Reassures Little 2-Year-Old Sister After Traumatic Experience

Tearful two-year-old Raleigh is no stranger to the local carwash place, since her mother, Alyssa Price, takes her car to be cleaned externally at least once a month. However, this time was much different than the rest, and little Raleigh was so terrified of the heavy machinery surrounding her, she went into panic mode – that is until her brother reassured her everything was going to be okay.


Raleigh has, in fact, been to the carwash before, but somehow she ended up falling asleep in the car right before the car entered the tunnel. “But this time she was awake, and she just started getting really freaked out as we got closer,” said Alyssa.

The concerned mother realized her daughter was feeling distressed, but there was nothing she could do – several cars had already lined up behind her, so she could not leave the queue.

It was at that moment that Raleigh’s big brother, Declan, came to her rescue. “Don’t cry!” he shouted as he turned to her and held her hand. Declan then pointed to something using his sister’s hand, as if to distract her from the machines rolling against her window. “See? It’s not so scary,” he said calmly.


Raleigh seemed to feel slightly more secure, knowing her big brother was right there by her side, protecting her from the sinister scrubbing instruments of the world. “Home,” she said, looking at Declan for encouragement. “Home that way, soon,” he confirmed.

After the traumatic experience, it’s safe to say Alyssa decided her little girl needed some time away from the carwash – but claims this is not the first time her daughter sought comfort and found it through her brother’s care.


“He’s always showing me how to be a better mom, and how to be kind,” said Alyssa. She also noted credit must be given where it is deserved, and in this case, she must praise her son’s preschool teachers for bringing out the best in her son. “They know how to talk to the kids about emotions and how to get on their level and talk them through anything.”