After Daughter’s Death, Dad Bikes 2,000 Miles To Hear Her Heartbeat One Last Time

In one week, two very different people with absolutely nothing in common were given horrible news – but in an odd twist of events, their lives became forever intertwined.


This past January, 21-year-old Loumouth Jack Jr. was feeling under the weather, so he made an appointment to have a general body check. After a series of tests, it became evident that he was suffering from a rare heart defect that would enable him to live for only 10 more days – unless a suitable heart was found to replace with his own.

transplant - Loumouth Jack Jr

That very same week, Bill Connor was contacted by the police after his daughter, Abbey, was found unconscious at the bottom of a hotel pool while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. After several attempt to revive Abbey, the talented doctors of Fort Lauderdale hospital came to the conclusion that Abbey had irreparable brain damage.

abbey conner

Devastated with the loss of his daughter, Bill decided to do what Abbey would have wanted and donate her organs to those in need. Abbey’s organs were harvested – and Jack Jr. was the lucky recipient of her heart.

Bill received a list of numbers of the individuals who were granted Abbey’s organs and tried to contact them, but none responded – except for Jack Jr. The two spoke for hours, when Bill confessed to wanting to hear his daughter’s heart beat for the last time. Hearing of this, Jack Jr. immediately proposed that they meet. Eventually, they decided to meet on Father’s Day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Wanting the trip to be of great significance to others, Bill began to spread the word that he was raising money for a 2,000 mile bike trip from his home in Madison, Wisconsin to Baton Rouge. All proceedings would be used to raise awareness for organ donation.

transplant - bike

When Bill and Jack Jr. finally met, their emotions got the best of them. They held one another tightly and hugged for over a minute without saying a word.

transplant - hug

Then, Jack Jr. brought out a stethoscope and let Bill listen to his heart – Abbey’s heart.


After a long meaningful silence, Connor said with a tearful smile: “Well, it sounds like it’s working.”

transplant - crying