Effective Ways to Get Your Teen’s Attention


Many parents believe that teenagers are a strange breed or a closed book. Most teens are hard to speak to as they have a tendency to build a wall around them. You either have to pry them open or bribe them to open up. While stalking is not the best way to know their activities, there are simple tips that can guide you to effectively get your teen’s attention.

Find a common denominator

Instead of repeatedly asking your teen “How was school?,”  ask your child about the latest album of his favorite band (who happens to be your favorite too?).  That way, you create an instant conversation that will draw his interest and excitement. Extra tip: feed your teen with the latest buzz about the band.

Spend time together

Studies reveal that teens are mainly concerned about not having quality time with their parents.  As such, no matter how tight your work schedule is, have a consistent time together with your child.  A movie date set every weekend and a regular family dinner will surely strengthen your bond with your teenagers.  Nothing beats family time and a happy conversation with your kids.

The art of listening

Remember that very moment that your teenage daughter stomped her feet and released a deep sigh after she learned that you kept her smartphone?  Instead of giving in to your already angry and hurt ego, stay calm. Listen as she rants. When she’s done saying her piece, acknowledge her feelings and gently explain your side. Extra tip: Make a win-win deal with how often she or he can use a gadget. Make sure to set a time limit.