Family Goes On Year Abroad To Honor Late Grandmother

A man who recently lost his mother to cancer has decided to embark on a year abroad with his family in order to honor her memory.

family 1

William Swenson was sadly reminded that not all dreams go to plan when he recently lost his mother. But now that he has the chance to, he wants to leave his home in California and give his family the trip of a lifetime.

“It thoroughly underscored that we are not promised tomorrow and life can change very quickly,” William said in an interview with Lonely Planet. “My desire to not be trapped by our current lifestyle and my cubicle work life became unquenchable during that time.

I wanted to do all the things we wanted to do, while I could still do them. I wanted to travel, be with my family, and honor her legacy in a way that I couldn’t if I stayed where I was.”

family 2

William, along with his wife Jessica and their three children Ezra, Theo and Vesper are planning on going on a tour around the world. Some of the destinations they plan on visiting include Morocco, China, Singapore, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and all over Europe.

But one of the most important destinations for the family will be Thailand, where they are excited to take part in the Yi Peng Festival. Thousands of people come together to release sky lanterns in what is truly a stunning spectacle.

“We have up until December in Australia,” William said. He confirmed that the family has a fantastic “plan and most accommodations accounted for.”

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So building up to the trip, William and Jessica have been doing some part-time jobs on the side and have been more careful with their money in order to be financially prepared for the adventure. The family plan to share their experiences on YouTube. Also, professional photographer Jessica will be sharing some dream snaps on Instagram.