The Way These Girls Welcomed Their New Adopted Sibling Is Unbelievable


11-year-old Raygen and 6-year-old Harper Pruitt wanted another sibling to join their family for as long as they could remember. Their parents revealed they were intending on adopting a child and ever since the two girls could not contain their joy. This would not be the first child to be adopted by the Pruitts – the girls have two younger adopted brothers called Elliot and Titus.


“They would ask all the time, ‘Have you gotten a call? When is our brother or sister coming home?’” said Shane Pruitt, the father of the house who works as director of missions of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, to ABC News. “And they definitely wanted a sister.”

Originally from Rowlett, Texas, the Pruitts were set in their mind to help another soul find a place they would call home. After a cooling off period that seemed to drag on for an excruciating amount of time, Shane and his wife, Kasi, finally received that long awaited call. It was late on July 25th, and the Pruitts could not believe their luck – they were going to have a new daughter!


Instead of announcing the exciting news in front their children, Shane and Kasi thought it would be even better to surprise the kids with the newest addition. They made sure their four children were all sound asleep, then drove off to pick up the new baby.

By the time they arrived back at home, Raygen and Harper were already wide awake. Their parents managed to record their initial reaction the moment they walked in the door, and their response was mind blowing.

Harper could not stop screaming, “Are you kidding me?”, while her older sister completely broke down in tears. “Their two reactions are very fitting for their personalities,” said Shane Pruitt. “Harper, we say she’s very spicy [and] Raygen loves to take care of others.”


Shane later posted the video on his social media account, to encourage others to adopt as well: “If it shines a lot on adoption and encourages other families to step up and be foster parents or adopt, then that’s the ultimate win.”

Shane Pruitt was all smiles as he explained his entire family now feels “humbled and excited” to be a family of seven.