Help Your Child Deal With Disappointment With These Tips


Being a parent is the most time-consuming and challenging job on the planet. From handling the logistics of their days to helping them grow into adults, a parent is always on the clock.

One of the most difficult times for a parent is knowing what to do when your child is disappointed. We only want the best for our kids and must be there to lift their spirits.

Disappointment can be draining. Here’s what you can do to support them and help turn their day around.


Show Empathy

It does not matter how big or small the disappointment was; it is important for a parent to express that they understand why they are upset.

If they lost the championship basketball game, do not shy away from their feelings. Let them know that being upset is ok and that it only means they cared.

Give Them Space To Deal With Disappointment

Try to remember what it was like to go through disappointments as a child. The last thing you wanted was someone hounding you over it. Give your child some space to process their feelings about it.

You do not need to fix the situation immediately. They will learn how to deal with it on their own, an important skill for growing up.


Teach Them How To Cope

Every child deals with disappointment differently. Try to help him or her find a method that leads to calm. For some it can be taking a walk and others, it can be listening to music.

Propose different options to your child. Eventually, something will stick, and you can help remind them how it helped them feel better.

Remind Them There Will Be Another Opportunity

Disappointment generally comes from the feeling of a missed opportunity. Remind them that this will not be their only opportunity to win a big game or go to a friend’s house.

Tell them that a disappointing today does not mean that tomorrow will not be incredible.