Helpful Tips for Surviving Your First Week Home with Baby


Reality check: Expect big changes when your newborn finally arrives home. The first seven days is extremely crucial especially for the mother and baby duo and surviving your new world can get ultra challenging. Have this 7-day survival guide as your best friend:

Organize Your House Prior to Baby’s Arrival
Your baby’s arrival will bring out the OC in you while you prep for one of the most exciting and challenging events of your life-. It is always best to prepare and plan ahead. Once you have your new bundle of joy, your time will be consumed with feeding, bathing and taking care of him/her. Your hectic schedule with your new baby job will leave you less attentive to other things. The key to lessening your stress is to create an orderly and spotless home. Make sure that laundry is done and your baby room is ready from sterilized feeding bottles to diaper changing materials.

Take Things Slowly
Mothers tend to overwhelm themselves with a lot of preparations for the arrival of their babies but put little thought into their recovery period. Sure, your baby needs a lot (yes, a lot) of your time and attention but don’t you think that you need to heal? Avoid the highs and lows of post-partum depression, which is common after giving birth. Take things slowly by not resuming to your usual routine right away like doing the household chores. Relax. Pain, cramping, and discomfort after delivery will take a few weeks before you can fully regain your strength.

See a Lactation Consultant
It is necessary to seek breastfeeding support system as nursing is a tough, painful job. Reach out to a lactation specialist before you get discharged from the hospital. This way you’ll be given helpful tips on proper lactation and its benefits to you and your little one. Note that you’ll experience low supply of milk, difficulty in latching and even bleeding. It will save you the frustration and anxiety of dealing with a baby that’s having a hard time feeding (we have all been there, your crying the baby is crying, it’s a mess).

Be Strategic with Your Sleep Time
Sleep deprivation is expected once you have a new baby, most especially on his/her first-week post-delivery. Your baby needs you more than you need him/her so steal some zzz hours while your little nugget is sleeping soundly. Also, make arrangements with your husband about sleep time to share duties as well. While you enjoy your much-needed sleep, have him take care of the baby.

Take care of yourself
Always remember that your baby depends on you. Whatever you feel, your child feels too and whatever you eat, your baby eats too. The bottom line is please take care of yourself by nourishing your body with high-quality nutrition by eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water. After all, a healthy mommy makes a healthy and happy baby.