How to Deal With a Problem Adult Child


Parenting isn’t an 18 year job that suddenly ends when your child reaches adulthood. It can go on for quite sometime, in fact some parents will be active well until their kid is in their thirties. Some will just refuse to leave the nest and will stick around for years to come. What do you do when you have a problem adult child under your roof. This is a new trend that has just broke out within the last decade or so and it is spreading. Here are some helpful tips on parenting your adult kid.

New Rules

You can’t exactly treat your child like a child anymore, he’s an adult and deserves to be treated like one. Treating him like a kid will only shield him from the consequences of adulthood. Punish him for his stupid decisions by simply not being there. Let him figure his life for himself. If he has no money to go to the bars with friends, don’t supply him with it. Stress the importance of having a job.

Hold Off From Nagging

Nagging your child will not help him in the long run, but only further cripple and frustrate him. If he starts making poor financial choices, don’t throw a fit. Simply tell him that you think it’s a bad move and that you won’t be able to clean up his mess later. Nagging your child will only have ill effects on your relationship. Stay quiet and offer advice when approached.

Don’t Help

Your child is an adult and you can stop playing superhero. If your kid is living in a small apartment with ramen noodles and canned soup for dinner, just stand back and watch the madness. These discomforts can be a huge motivator for your child to get up and make some huge changes in their life. If you keep helping them, they will learn to expect this help and it will hold them down.