How To Know If Your Kid Is Lying To You


Children might be the greatest gift you have ever received, but it does not mean they are going to be perfect. You know when they are getting into something that the shouldn’t or when they are acting mischievously.

If they know that whatever they did could get them into trouble, there is a good chance they will try to sneak a little lie through. Psychologist Judi James told Express how to spot a lying child.

Look Them In The Eye

Parents, you will be able to tell plenty by looking your child in the eye. James claims that looking at their face for various tells will be the best way to sniff out a lie. It is possible that they will follow the lie with a tell of truth immediately afterward.

She said, “You’ll often get big wide eyes, raised brows, and ‘I didn’t do that’ and then suddenly you’ll get little denial gestures that actually aren’t so little, like a little funny facial expression with the mouth.”

An Answer Void Of Empathy

At a young age, if your child is going to lie to you, they are going to go for it fully. This means there will be little empathy or finesse in their answer. After accusing your child of something, the answer will resemble something like, “no, it was not me!”

A Slight Plead For Mercy

A shouting and distressed child could make plenty of false statements in their attempt to cover something up. They realize what they did is wrong, but they do not know how to remedy the situation. In fear of getting in trouble, they will lie to cover themselves.

At the end of their lie, look out for a slight plead for mercy. You might get a nod or a glance which uncovers the lie in the last hope for mercy.