Hurricane Harvey-Stranded Dad Sits In On Daughter’s Grad School Class


Hurricane Harvey has devastated southern Texas and left millions displaced and stranded. Houston, in particular, has taken the brunt of the hurricane’s force. One man from Houston found himself left to fend for himself in New York without any way to get home.

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Enock Anassi was in a bit of a pickle. He had come to New York City to help his daughter move into school when Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston. Her classes were starting, but he did not have anywhere to go now that his flight home was canceled. Kerubo, his daughter, just started graduate school at The New School.

According to Omete, Kerubo’s brother, Enock and his wife were going just to drop Kerubo off and wait for the class to end. Instead. Enock decided to join his daughter at school. Omete said, ““The plan was for them to wait outside her class until she finished, and then they get on the road, but my father proceeded to follow my sister into the elevator and to her oral history class. Initially, my sister thought it was funny but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn’t end, and my father didn’t leave. He proceeded to stay in class the entire time, get a syllabus, take audible pictures (never turning his phone on silent), and quizzing my sister constantly on the information being taught.”

Omete shared the selfie that Kerubo took and sent to the family’s group chat on Twitter. The post picked up steam and went viral. The tweet received over 45,000 retweets and over 155,000 likes in less than a week. The New School got in on the action too. They tweeted their support of Enock by replying to Omete, saying “Let us know if there’s anything we can do for him during this difficult time—our thoughts are with all those affected by Harvey.”

In response to email questions from the Huffington Post, Omete said that Enock has “no clue” about the outpouring of positive response to his back-to-school stunt. “He just keeps telling my sister to focus on her studies (quizzing her on the information from that day of class).”