Is Your Kid Ready to be Left Home Alone?


In those earlier days of parenting, kids and parents go together like white on rice. You’ll rarely see one without the other. Sooner or later those days will come to a screeching stop and your kids will want to be independent. Like us they will long for some quiet alone time where they can roam a house without having anyone else around. They’ve finally reached the point where they want to be home alone. Before you can give them that freedom here are something you have got to be sure about.


  • In Case of Emergency  – Make sure that your kids have those emergency procedures down completely. If something goes wrong they have got to be on top of it completely. They should know how to contact the police and what to do if a stranger comes to knocking on the door.
  • Common Sense – If your child has a complete lack of common sense, you can forget about them staying home alone. Teach them common sense and give them test whilst raising them. Teach them to be independent thinkers. I think this is a must when it comes to them watching over the home fort.
  • Rules – Make sure that you set a list of rules for your child. Face it, you don’t want your kids playing with oven and starting a huge fire. Limit your child. Make a list of rules that they must follow.
  • Baby Steps – You don’t want to leave them home alone and disappear to Las Vegas for a weekend, at least not right off the bat. Start off by going to the market or out on a quick lunch. Let them slowly prove themselves over some test runs.
  • Make Sure They Want It – Don’t force being home alone on them if they aren’t ready. Make sure this is something that they want.

Child is reading a book in a blue shirt