Kids Come To The Rescue Of Their Unconscious Father And Save His Life


Parents spend their whole lives protecting their children from danger but one day in Iowa, the roles were reversed when four children saw their father in an unconscious state and sprang to action to save him.

Matt Gannaway and his four children Ethan, 13, Peyton, 11, Addison, 9 and Kaiden, 5 went to go tear down an old shed from Matt’s elderly mother’s house in Marshalltown.

Luckily, Gannaway had handed his eldest son Ethan a cell phone and said “If anything bad happens, call 911”. It was as if something told Matt to rely on his kids that day.

shed- family

The Gannaways got to work and Matt recalled, “We had it almost all of the way torn down. We were just waiting for it to fall the rest of the way.”

He then told his young children to back up away from the collapsing shed. Suddenly, the woodwork came crashing down and although the kids had backed away, Matt was too close and was instantly knocked out.

Matt could only recall parts of the event which happened with in a flash, stating, “It came down like it was supposed to, but then it flipped over sideways and knocked me out and pinned me underneath it.”


Upon seeing their father knocked completely unconscious, Ethan did exactly what he was told and called 911 as the other three children ran over to help their father.

Matt said, “I think the adrenaline kicked in because the roof is several hundred pounds.” Two of the Gannaway children were able to lift up the wooden structure while the others pulled their father from the wreckage to safety.

Nine-year-old Addison explained his thought process, “Uh-oh, my dad might be dead. Uh-oh, I better save him,” while five-year-old Kaiden said “He was like gasping for air.”

Gannaway was unconscious for a total of five minutes until the emergency services finally reached them and were able to help him regain consciousness.

After the terrifying ordeal, Matt said “I woke up to hear the sirens pulling up in front of the house, I was just in extreme extreme pain.”

Matt suffered a broken scapula and many cuts and bruises all over his body. Doctors later informed him how close he was to having a fatal back or neck injury and his kids were the ones to thank that it wasn’t more severe.


Matt said of his children, “[When] I heard that my kids were the ones that saved me, I couldn’t have had a prouder moment.”

He continued “I’m amazingly proud, they did everything, everything so perfect. I’m just absolutely so proud of them.”