Parenting Three Children Is Difficult But Worth It


If you haven’t already heard, Prince William and Kate Middleton are adding yet another royal child to their family. In the wake of the changes to the child tax credits offered to British families who have more than two children, deciding to have a third child has become more controversial than ever.

There are a lot of personal considerations to make before you decide to have a child, but here are a few things that moms of three have shared that you might not have thought about before.


When you expand your family from four to five, the math very suddenly does not fall in your favor. Hotels will require you to book a second room, under the guise that more than 4 guests can’t be in one regular room, never mind that one of those guests is a baby, and the other two are pint sized.

Getting tables a restaurant also suddenly begins to take more time, since you can’t be easily sat at a 4 top. You never thought that going to an amusement park would also become more complicated, not just in terms of navigating three distinct personalities who often have competing desires, but because most rides are divided up into seats of twos or fours.

Suddenly your oldest child will be pushed to slightly more independence, since of course the younger two can’t quite ride on their own yet.

Three young children playing outdoors smiling

Even as your three children play, harmony will be harder to come by, since someone will always be excluded, either the younger two play together or the older two, but often not all three, especially when one wants to be the whiny child that day.

In order to keep the peace, you and your spouse will frequently find yourselves split between the children and their chosen activities, while three of you go sledding and your spouse takes the other child ice skating.

But for all of the difficulties that come with having an odd number of family members, it’ll all be worth it to always have a child to hold, and for those moments when you do all squeeze together to watch a movie. Your home may often seem smaller, but it will also always feel fuller, and that is worth it alone.