Military Mom Returns From Deployment And Surprises Sons On School Intercom


U.S Air Force master sergeant Shania Porter returned home from a 7-month deployment and headed straight to her son’s school to give them the surprise of their life. The Phoenix, Arizona native headed first for her son Blake’s school for his first day in preschool. Primrose School of Palm Valley were about to witness a beautiful moment between mother and son after being separated for so long.

military mom- hug

Porter was excited as she walked down the hallways, ready to present her voice over intercom in the school office. She pressed down the button and broadcast her voice, “Attention Pre-K 1, I have a special announcement for a little boy that I flew so many miles to see and to tell him how much I love him.” After the first clue, Shania knew it was time to go and reveal her face to her little boy.

Meanwhile, school franchise owner Karen Verlardi was with Blake and saw his confused face which led her to turn and say to him “Did that sound familiar? Do you know who that was on the intercom?” At this point, Shania walked into Blake’s classroom and revealed herself, tapping him on the shoulder. Everyone stood and watched in awe as Blake hugged his mom as tight as he could. Verlardi said of the moment “To just see them together was incredible.”

military mom- preschool

Next up, Porter headed to her oldest son Bryce’s school at Crown Charter School in Maricopa County. The Principle Janis Ramirez had given her cellphone to Bryce for him to FaceTime with his mom. Bryce initially thought it was a normal FaceTime call but then recognized the background was his playground at school.

He dropped the phone and sprinted outside, running into his mom’s arms. Principle Ramirez said to “see him reunite with his mother who I know he just loves, it was just a memorable moment that we were happy to be apart of.”

military mom- husband

Speaking about the reunion, Porter said “It was the best feeling ever,” she continued, “It was the completion to know it was over and I was home. That was the feeling of home for me.”