Mom Celebrates Her Children’s First Day Back At School With Hilarious Photo


School’s out for summer and kids around the world rejoice at the prospect of not going back for a couple of months. But what about the parents? It’s the first day back at school after the summer ends which they are counting down until.

And mother of three, Jena Willingham from Alabama, did not hide her excitement the day all three of her kids were going back to school at the end of their summer holidays. In fact, this day commemorated the first day in 11 years she had the house to herself.

Following a summer of bickering and arguing amongst her eleven year old, seven year old and four year old, she was ready for her break. So what did she do? She sat back on a pool floaty with a drink in her hand and smiled ear to ear for the camera.


After she had her own countdown clock to mark down the moments until her freedom, the day finally came in which she could tell her kids, ”I’m so tired of listening to y’all argue, I’m just going to sit in the pool on the first day of school and let my brain hear the silence.” Meanwhile, her three children were in the celebratory photo, standing behind their mother, with their backpacks ready and their faces miserable at the prospect of their first day back to school.

The photo that went viral after she posted it on her Facebook page, also garnered positive comments from moms all over. One stated, ‘You say in the pic what so many of us moms are feeling but aren’t brave enough to say!’. With another, ‘Too funny! I love that you can joke about it and give us all a good laugh! Best back to school pic yet!’


However, the picture was not to disrupt the kids big day back as the picture was staged the Sunday before as it is most likely Jena would not have had any spare time before her children went the following morning.

And what more, she did not even get the big Monday off, she ended up having to look after her niece!


Let’s just hope she got to enjoy her drink and silence at some point!