Mother With 8 Children Manages To Feed Family With Only $350-A-Week

One of the most difficult things as a parent is making sure your kids are properly fed while managing to budget everything properly. Once more than one child is involved, it tends to get even more difficult to manage finances. One mother incredibly manages to feed her family of ten while both staying on budget and preparing meals for them on a daily basis.

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Kim Tucci, who is known around the Internet for her blog and social media accounts named Surprised By Five, was shocked learn that she and her husband, Vaughn, were expecting quintuplets last year. They already had three children together and were trying to have another child when they found out that they would soon be adding five more instead.

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She shared that her pregnancy was not a simple one, and even said that she felt that her “body was shutting down,” while she carried her babies. Having delivered her babies prematurely after a short, 30 week long pregnancy, Kim was nervous about their well-being. From then on, she decided her children’s health will not be dependent upon external variables.


That’s when Kim came up with a system – “no frozen lunches, I always make them fresh. […] We try and do a healthy meal at the end of the day otherwise I feel really guilty,” the mother of eight said. Turns out that decision was financially wise as well, saving some quick bucks by going au natural nutrition-wise – “we make babies’ food fresh as well, they don’t have anything out of a jar. We just couldn’t afford to buy that much baby food.”

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Still, Kim admits her quintuplets give her plenty of time to lean back and relax due to the fact that they sleep anytime between 8 to 10 hours every night. This privilege is not to be taken lightly, as Kim did explain that her quintuplets demand constant care and attention – in one single day, her babies go through 60 diapers, half a tin of formula and over 15 different outfits.