Neighbor Blames Crying Baby On Bad Parenting


Every baby cries. It is their way of communicating with their parents if they need something and Jessica and Karl Ronnevik’s 1-year-old baby boy is no different.

The North Carolina natives live in a condominium complex and their babies room is adjacent to that of their neighbor, meaning that noises can often be heard through the walls.

However, instead of their neighbor being compassionate and understanding that a baby will cry at times, they went in the opposite direction.

The Ronnevik’s neighbor often expressed concerns about the “loud” and “disruptive” crying but later took it a step further when he verbally attacked Jessica and Karl’s parenting capabilities.


The year prior, the new parents had received a warning from the homeowners association for noise violations following the constant complaints from their neighbor.

The outrageous letter was the next thing that followed that left the Ronnevik’s utterly fed up. The letter stated “Please consider buying a parenting book or consult with a child care expert.

Your baby should not be crying that loudly and for that long. Try more calming techniques, music, turn on a vacuum, rocking chair, go for a walk . . . anything!”

letter- neighbor

Parent shaming has become more common and Jessica and Karl felt victimized by their neighbor.

Jessica said, “I don’t feel comfortable living here, knowing that our neighbor is so intolerant, it makes me feel like we have been bullied in our own home. And I don’t like to have to be the mother who is constantly shushing my baby from his happy toddler noises.”

Jessica was also pregnant with her second child at the time of the complaints and she couldn’t take much more stress during her pregnancy, she knew they had to move. Through the help of the community and the Church after gaining sympathy for the family, the Ronneviks were able to move to a new home in a family-friendly area, putting a stop to the war of words.


However, before the family could be rid of this mess, their neighbor issued one more loaded statement to the news.

He asserted, “It is unfortunate when parents are unable to calm their children. The impact of a baby who continually cries or a toddler who continually screams can be stressful not just for the parents, but also for the community near them. This is true in restaurants, in churches, and even in neighboring homes with adjacent bedrooms.”

He continued in bashing his ex-neighbors saying, “They obviously made a different and less mature choice, as they have been doing for months now with their young child.”

Jessica and Karl are now able to move forward focusing on their family and are rid of their neighbors negative comments on their parenting skills and decisions.