Online Debate Poses Question – Is It OK To Leave Kids Unattended At A Restaurant?


When a waitress noticed that a mother had left her children at table unattended, she couldn’t believe it, and thoroughly expressed her thoughts in front of customers. One particular customer went online to discuss whether it is right or wrong to leave your kids unattended at a restaurant.

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The onlooker in question went on the parenting forum Mumsnet to see what the general consensus was in this situation. Was the waitress justified to speak up about this mother’s actions? Or did she have no choice, primarily because she had to take her toddler to the bathroom?

She did note that as far she could see, the two kids, who she believed to be between five and eight years of age, were sitting peacefully and behaving perfectly well. She didn’t understand why the waitress would be so frustrated.

“Currently in a family-friendly restaurant. A mum has taken a toddler to the toilet leaving two children aged anywhere between five and eight, at a guess, sitting at the table,” she wrote. “They are not being rowdy, they are not crying, they are just sitting quietly.”

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“But when a waitress came over with their food she got annoyed that they are alone and has left another staff member standing next to the table,” she continued. “So now they are sitting in awkward silence waiting for mum to return.”

This is when she posed the question, “Is it just me who thinks if mum is fine to leave them together and they’re not causing a disturbance, the staff should leave them alone?”

As a result of this defining question, many shared their own thoughts on the matter. “Ridiculous. What on earth do they think will happen?” One person wrote. “Was the mum supposed to drag all three to the [bathroom], or alternatively send the toddler to the loo alone?”

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However, there were others who were more supportive of the waitress’ sentiment. One person wrote: “I don’t think a five-year-old should be left alone in a restaurant.”