Parenting 101: Awesome Skills You Didn’t See Coming


I’m sure by now you have realized that your role as a parent is not singular?  As you make your way parenthood, you get to gain a variety of skills courtesy of your children. Believe it or not, you acquire these skills naturally (and artificially!).

A photographer
Not satisfied with your smartphone and even bought a DSLR to vividly capture countless milestones of your child?  You probably will find yourself on Google and YouTube looking for blogs and clips of photography tutorials.

A teacher
You’ll always be the first and best teacher for your kids.  From counting 1,2, 3 to imitating sounds of animals…

An entertainer
You get a big surprise when you realize you can be a singer, a dancer and a comedian all at once.  That happened with a bang when you had a child.

An events coordinator
From birthdays to graduations, you were the hands-on mom who kept her eyes peeled for all details.  It’s because you wanted everything to be beautiful and perfect for your children’s important celebrations.

A nurse
You let go of your queasiness from blood the moment your toddler gets her first scrap. You will also become an expert in bring down fevers and managing ear infections. Then one day you will find yourself rattling off names of prescription medications, and best remedies like you have earned a medical degree.

A cook
You started hoarding recipe books for health and not so healthy meals and snacks per your children’s requests.

A fashion designer
You will find yourself beaming with excitement and pride every time your child had performances in school. You will also find yourself sewing their costumes till the wee hours of the morning the day of the performance.

A referee
Parents who have two children or more can relate to this.  The early phase of any game is friendly and gentle. Then in a blink of an eye scratching, kicking and yelling among many other forms of fight start and its up to you to cool the situation down.

A listener
You couldn’t resist an hour of listening to your children’s testimonials about their new classmates and the challenging games they did at school.  If you forgot their friends’ names, you’re in trouble.

A laundry worker
Not too interesting yet time-consumer but you will find yourself combating the weirdest stain combinations.

mom with kids going crazy around her