Parents Admit They Are Scared Of Their Children And Fear Their Tantrums


Ask a parent what they’re most scared of, and you may get the response: ‘my child.’ According to a research compelled in Britain, parents revealed that many give in to their children’s daily demands because they fear their reaction if not.

While it would seem parents should be the ones running things in the house, 56 percent of parents admitted that their child is the real boss of them and the house.


The research showed that a worrying one in five children refuse to hold their parent’s hand in busy places, and one in four refuse to wear a hat when out in the sun – one in ten will also refuse to put on sunscreen. It seems as though even tough love does not help either since, when parents threaten their child with punishments, 50 percent admitted that it never goes through.

19 percent claim that the reason for this is because it is easier for their child to be given their own way than face a tantrum or other form of consequence.

The poll of 1,500 parents showed that daughters are more likely to rule than sons, and two-thirds of parents polled claimed that their daughters are bossier. Even by the age of seven, these children will have marked their authority in the house and show their parents who the real boss is.


During the summer holidays, when children are home for a six-week break in Britain, parent’s are more likely to give in to their child’s demands, and the average parent will give in five times a day during this time.

Celebrity parent and spokesperson Kate Thornton commented on the research – “In most families, everything is centered on the children’s happiness, especially during the summer holidays – but as a consequence that can sometimes feel like the kids are the boss of the house!”

As a result, over half of the parents studied in this poll said that the summer holidays were the most stressful part of the year, and finding something fun to do every day to appeal their child was the hardest. Meanwhile, a third of participants feared their house being torn upside down, as well as, having to juggle work and childcare.


With the stress and fear it gives parents who believe that the consequences are not worth it, they claim they would rather brush over the small rows and give in to their children’s demands and give them what they want.