Police Officer Holds Tea Party With Toddler He Delivered

The birth of a child is one of the most memorable moments in any parent’s life. Generally, you hope to hold your baby boy or girl for the first time in the comforts of a hospital room surrounded by love ones with doctors and nurses nearby as a safety net. A Texas couple would not be so lucky, but thanks to a police officer were able to deliver a healthy baby girl. He came back to celebrate the day a year later.

Honey Crop Toddler Tea

July 18, 2016, could have been disastrous for Destiney and Caleb Hall. The couple from Granbury, Texas was on their way to the hospital after Destiny’s water broke when Destiny could wait no longer. An optimistic Caleb expected Destiny to make it there, but Destiny told him, “No, I’m having her NOW.” They did the only thing they could – pull into a gas station parking lot and deliver the baby.

As they sped along the highway to the hospital, Texas Deputy Constable Mark Diebold spotted them and turned his lights on for them to pull over. He expected to give them a ticket for speeding, but realized the emergency in the process and decided to help. With his lights on, he followed them to the gas station and helped deliver baby Evelyn.

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Destiny told WIS-TV, “The pure joy I saw in his face is a look I will never forget.” For Evelyn’s first birthday, the Hall’s decided to invite “Uncle Mark” for a tea party. Diebold was honored to join. He has become close friends with the Halls in the past year, and their older child loves when “Uncle Mark” comes over.

After hearing the story, photographer Cyndi Williams offered to do a photoshoot of Evelyn free of charge. She says, “I am simply lucky enough to witness it first hand.”

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