Prince William And Kate Middleton Banned This Part Of Modern Life At Home


Prince William And Kate Middleton Banned This Part Of Modern Life At Home



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In recent years, the royal family has been forced to adapt and move with the times, going from traditional royal protocol to a more modern approach. One of the main catalysts for implementing this shift was none other than Princess Diana who shunned royal norms in favor of a more normal upbringing for her children. When Diana came on the scene, many royals were furious with her disregard of their rules which she continued to break but her son’s William and Harry benefitted greatly from them. Diana’s commitment to giving her boys a glimpse of normality shaped them into being the modern yet respectful Princes they are today.

This attitude to keep up with the times was upheld when Prince William fell in love with commoner Kate Middleton after meeting at college. Kate came from a normal family, away from the public eye so when her and the Prince’s worlds collided, she injected some normality and a down to earth attitude into their relationship thereafter. Moreover, Kate was brought up on values which William highly respected and admired after having a dysfunctional royal family of his own. Through learning core values from his late mother Diana and his beautiful wife Kate, William was equipped with all of the tools to be a loving and protective parent, learning from his past and gaining knowledge from his partner.

When they began expanding their family, Kate and William shunned royal protocol in favor of their own rules to bring up their children. Mirroring Diana, they opted to raise their children themselves and only take the help of others when it is truly needed, rather taking up the title of hands-on parents. In keeping their family life private, William and Kate set down some ground rules when it comes to protecting their children, but when one of things they banned came to light, many people began questioning if they were in fact the modern royals they claimed to be, or it was just a front for the public and they hadn’t actually adapted at all?