Questions Every Kid will Ask After a Divorce


Divorce has a huge impact on everyone involved. This means both parents and children. Depending on the age of the child, a nasty divorce can do real damage to them. Firstly, it will turn their world upside down. One minute the house is fully functioning and they see their mom and dad everyday. The next day everything has changed and being curious little people, children will wonder what this means for their future. This can lead to the child asking a whole lot of questions. For a single mother these will not be easiest questions to answer.


  • Will You Get Back Together? – When asked this question, you don’t want to say anything that will get their hopes up. It’s important to be straightforward with your answer. Don’t say maybe. False hopes will only do more damage to your child. Tell them that you and dad are moving forward in separate directions, but that being good parents is still high priority.
  • Why Did You Get Divorced? – This can be a very tricky question to answer. That said,, don’t answer it directly. Tell them that the issues are strictly for adult ears. Do not tarnish their father’s image. No matter how badly you feel like expressing this anger, keep for friends and close family. Your children need a strong father.
  • Was It My Fault? – Never let your child think that it was their fault. Children can not deal with such a weight on their shoulders. Tell them that everything that happened was strictly between mommy and daddy.

Even though you’ll be struggling to sustain your own sanity at this point, remember to put your child first. They have zero understanding of the world and won’t be able to process the grief as logically as you. Grant them a happy childhood. Although it might be hard to put your happiness second, remember that your child should always come first.

mother explains to sad daughter