Raising a Child Between Two Homes


As a child who ended up with divorced parents, I can tell you that big changes took place after the initial split up. I came from a home that was in the middle between letting loose and being completely strict. Divorce shook things up completely. While my mom still tried being strict, my father completely let loose. Eventually this behavior stretched out into both homes and the strictness came to an end.

My mother was very strict to the point where she thought something as tamed as The Simpsons was too inappropriate for us. My dad didn’t see the logic in this so at eight years old he’d begin taking us to R rated movies and pretty much let us listen to and watch whatever we wanted. We were free to grow with the rest of society.

When I’d go back home to my home I’d immediately hide the 2pac CDs I had gotten from my dad and would be this completely different person. With a half heart I’d go to religious events and do all these boring things, but would eventually be completely overtaken through my dad’s free method of parenting. Furthermore, my mother knew we would have wilder times with my dad but would say nothing. They weren’t exactly on speaking terms.

Eventually she gave up trying to force her beliefs on us and one side completely took over the other. This could have been avoided by the two of them having a simple discussion together. Co-parenting meetings should be a must of any divorced family. Despite not being married anymore, the two of you are still parents and need to discuss these kinds of things for the benefit of the child. Even after divorcing, parenting still has to be a two person job. One person cannot do it alone.

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