Saintly Father Adopted Four Disabled Children


Ben Carpenter, aged 33, has adopted four children who have special needs. He was brought into the public eye on This Morning, an early-bird talk show.

Appearing alongside him on the show was his kids: Jack, 10, Ruby, 6, Lily, 5, and Joseph, 2. They were adorable, playing on the set as the interview was going on.

The cuteness peaked when Jack snuggled up to host Ruth Langsford.

ben carpenter

His life as a father is no easy feat, and Ben admits this, saying adopting children with special needs, “comes with stresses and strains,” however he still says, ” it’s the best thing you can ever do.”

The public has called him a “super dad,” but he feels rather nonchalant about it, saying he, “just wanted to be a dad and adopting is [his] way of becoming a dad.”

This is because Ben is a single gay man. He spent years trying to adopt kids, but the government was hesitant to let him, as he was in his early twenties when he first tried to adopt.

After three years of rigorous testing, they found him suitable and mature enough to be taking care of kids.

Now, Ben is a spokesperson for adoption, and dedicated what time he has to spread the word on the pros and cons of adoption, and even sits on a panel to help approve other peoples’ adoptions.

Although he is an advocate, he is also aware of how hard it is. Ben says that “adopting a disabled child isn’t right for everyone. You have to be totally honest with yourself,” when evaluating if that is the right choice for you.

Carpenter was inspired by his childhood work in nursing homes. He loves to see his children growing and feeling better with his care and positive values.

“In this house we have an ‘I can do’ attitude and we try to teach them as much independence as we can. Disability isn’t the be all and end all.”