Right When They Almost Gave Up On Having Children, This Happened


Right When They Almost Gave Up On Having Children, This Happened



There are approximately 3,978,497 births every year in the United States, with the fertility rate standing at 62.5 births per 1,000 women aged 15-44 years. Considering how many women try to become pregnant every year, this number is not exceptionally high but many women fall victim to their bodies being unable to carry a child. Women are told they cannot carry a child for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are simply deemed infertile by doctors while other times, the doctors have to think about the safety of a mother, if her body is at risk of shutting down if she were to have the burden of creating another life.

For this reason, pregnancy is a gift and a miracle and some women can take it for granted, falling pregnant easily and having plenty of children without an issue, while others find the process debilitating, trying for so long without any luck. This devastating path was exactly what happened to Nicole and Kevin Barattini but they never wanted to give up on their dream of having a family. After exploring many different options of how they could have a child of their own, they were on the verge of accepting that parenthood was not in the cards for them.

It was at this point when some of their oldest friends, Lianna and Shaun Fives, who have five children of their own, sat down and heard their heartbreak, listening to everything that Nicole had been through and why her body was not fit to carry a child. Hearing the story was hard hitting for the Fiver’s after they had such a pleasure with all five of their pregnancies, it became too much for Lianna to comprehend. It was at this point that she gave her close friends an option to consider, a selfless and incredibly kind and generous proposition which would transform Kevin and Nicole’s lives, giving them something they had only ever dreamt about.